Coventry cathedral ruins

Entry: Free
Opening hours: Daylight
Contact: 024 7652 1200
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Best bit: Spotting shards of stained glass still in some windows
Worst bit: Ecce Homo - a naive sculpture by Jacob Epstein

Walking through the ruins of Coventry Cathedral is eerie.
It feels like being in a post-apocalyptic film with glassless windows, ivy covered walls and a strange stillness.
But on a sunny day, with a clear blue sky for a roof, it is surprisingly beautiful.
The place gives off a sense of calm and liberation.
The cathedral was built in the early 15th Century and bombed by the Germans in 1940.
So devastating was the Blitz on November 14 that the Nazis coined the word 'Coventrate’ to describe the complete destruction of a city.

Coventry Cathedral (New St Michael's)

Entry: Suggested donation of £3
Opening hours: Daylight
Contact: 024 7652 1200

Best bit: Exploring numerous hidden alcoves
Worst bit: A suggested £3 donation is a bit steep

Despite being less than 50 years old, the new St Michael's Cathedral still has a historic atmosphere.
It was designed by Sir Basil Spence and built between 1956 and 1962.
In 1951 Spence's concept was chosen from more than 200 architects who entered a competition to design the new cathedral.
According to Spence experts ( he was the only entrant to keep the ruins of the old cathedral intact and link them to the new cathedral with a high porch.
Inside is Benedicts Cafe - a cosy place to rest your legs after trekking round the cathedrals.
It has a bit of a community centre atmosphere and the brownies are excellent.

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