Medieval Spon Street

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Best bit: Makes you feel like you're in York
Worst bit: Knowing that all of Coventry was once this pretty

Most Cov kids know Spon Street as a nightspot, packed with good pubs, soulful bars and the obligatory smattering of kebab shops.
But take a stroll during daylight hours and you’ll find an attraction in its own right.
Spon Street is a weird mix of Medieval buildings, some of which are original, others have been picked up and moved to the site to create a historic corner of the city.
You can read the tale of the ‘City Corporation’s Spon Street Townscape Scheme’ (trips off the tongue, doesn’t it?) along the street where signs show how buildings such as 1450 and Kakooti were moved.
In the 15th Century Spon Street was Coventry’s main gateway. An entry point in the town wall saw the street cut across the city as a main thoroughfare.
As a result, the street tells the tale of life 500 years ago and the trades of the original Cov kids.
A streetside display shows the main professions – weavers, blacksmiths, fullers, saddlers, etc.
And in the Kingfisher Gallery you can see what remains of the old city wall.

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