Op Art Mosaics by Robert Lewis

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SPACED out man!

Ikea shoppers may not be looking at walls as they try to squeeze their flat packed cupboard into the car.

But they probably should.

For on the southern wall of the ground floor car park is a genuine piece of 1960s Op Art.

Four abstract mural panals are formed from small mosaic squares that have a shimmering effect on the eye - look closely at the above picture.

Ron says: "Originally the whole of the walls of the subway in front of the Technical College in the Butts were covered with these dazzling patterns.

"It was built in 1964 but had become unpopular and had to go in 2006.

"Robert Hedley Lewis created the patterns and was head of fine art at Coventry College of Art from 1959.

"The designs are based on a square with a quarter slip to the pattern so that when a large number of these are connected a shimmering effect is produced as the eye is unable to settle on a single pattern."

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