How to use the city Time Zone Clock

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Ever wondered how the Time Zone Clock works outside Coventry's Transport Museum?

Well wonder no longer.

This is one of Ron’s favourite pieces of public art in Coventry.

He said: “The lines across the ground mark out the time zones of the world.

"There is no map as such, but 200 lights indicate the time in the 27 cities twinned with us as well as all the capitals of the world.

"The clock marks those portions of the globe currently in daylight with its blue strips and marks the hours by flashing its lights."

The clock was devised by the Belgian artist Francoise Schein.

Ron added: "As well as recalling the Christian Millennium it shows other views of time - its continual 24-hour clock shows the circular endlessness of time, while its zones show that we see the time differently around the world.

"Immediately adjoining the clock are three other works - the glass bridge and two works by Jochen Gerz - The Future Monument - a glass pyramid with floor plaques reminding us of our many friendly countries and groups now, and the Public Bench with its re-made wall marking personal friendships by smaller plaques.

"Like them or loathe them, they remain fitting for a major city like this with its history and place in the world."

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