Yoko by John and John by Yoko

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Whoever said Coventry isn’t rock and roll?

In the grounds of the old city cathedral you'll find a piece of music history – two trees with strong links to John Lennon.

The story starts in June 1968 when Lennon and Yoko Ono put forward a piece for an art exhibition in Coventry.

The display featured a circular white seat over acorns and a nearby plaque read ‘Yoko by John, John by Yoko’.

Within a week the plaque and acorns were stolen and then there was a disagreement about where in the grounds the seat should be put.

The seat mysteriously disappeared one night and it is understood Lennon had it removed.

In October 2005 Yoko Ono returned to Coventry and replanted two trees – remaking a piece aimed at reminding us of the need for love and not hate.

These trees are to Ron’s left and right.

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