Coventry's tower lights

Seeing the light ... Mercia House, Hillman House and Coventry Point

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In Coventry you don’t need to listen to weather forecasts - just look at the city’s skyline.

Constructed in 2001 this techno brainwave will tell you everything you need to know via lights on three tower blocks.

Well, as long as you know how to interpret them.

Luckily for us Ron does.

He explains the lights are colour coded to produce 11 forecasts:

green = fog;
red = ice;
white = snow;
pink = thunder;
purple = heavy rain;
pale blue = light rain;
slate blue = dull;
mid-blue = showers;
pale lime green = fair;
orange = overcast;
yellow = sunshine.

He says: "The lights on the sides of the pyramid roof of Hillman House show whether it will get warmer (lights run upwards), stay the same (lights static) or get cooler (lights run downwards).

"The lights on top of Mercia House gives indications of wind speed and direction.

"And the lights on top of Coventry Point indicate air quality. Good is slowly winking green lights, blue is moderate, flashing red lights shows the air quality is poor."

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