Coventry Transport Museum

Entry: Free
Opening hours: 10am to 5pm every day
Contact: Millennium Place, Hales Street, CV1 1PN
Tel: 024 7623 4270
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Best bit: Sitting on penny farthing
Worst bit: Realising how boring car designs are now

Likely to amuse boys of all ages.
There are more than 240 four-wheeled vehicles, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles on show with some dating back to the 1869. The simulator recreating the record breaking achievement of ThrustSSC - the first car to break the sound barrier - is interesting.
Those uninterested in engineering may well marvel at how surprisingly dull it must have been to drive a car at 763mph across the Nevada desert.
Motorists and environmentalists alike will recoil at this machine's staggering fuel consumption - at full speed it averaged a jaw-dropping 0.04miles per gallon. Curators have gone to the effort of placing a mini in a large cross section of sewer piping - to highlight the fact sewer scenes in the 1969 flick The Italian Job were filmed in nearby Stoke Aldermoor.
The atmospheric 'Blitz experience' recreates the aftermath of the 1940 bombing of Coventry. There you will find plenty of spots in which to hide and then jump out on unsuspecting friends or relatives. (It is not advisable to do this to strangers.)

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