Coventry bloggers
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Coventry schoolteacher blogs about craft
This Cov band blog about gigging and life
A Cov Telegraph blog about Coventry City Football Club
Blogs about Coventry's past and makes YouTube videos
Coventry cook and foodie with a tiny kitchen and a hungry fiancé
Chris Johnson blogs about photography and music
A Sky Blues blog run by the Cov Telegraph
Blog about film makers in and around Coventry
Blog posts on green issues in Coventry and further afield
Coventry wedding band blog about their adventures
Blogs about all things green from her Coventry home and garden
Diary of a songwriter based in Coventry
Unofficial blog about the band by Coventry fan Rob Macca
Award-winning Cov Telegraph blog on sci-fi films and comics
Posts from staff at The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
Jessica Elvidge blogs about food, drink, cricket and camping
Coventry Labour party supporter and councillor for Henley ward
Blog rallying against censorship (not for those easily offended)
Blogs about Coventry, hamsters, restaurants, photography & more
Coventry Tory party supporter and Sci-Fi fan
A Cov Telegraph blog on the Coventry music scene
Matt Galloway blogs about Coventry and techy stuff
A Cov Telegraph blog reviewing TV shows and celebs
Blogs about technology, film and life in general
Sunday Mercury Coventry-based freelance writer and music critic
Louise McDonagh blogs about her life, work and hobbies
Entertaining blog reportedly penned by a Coventry dog
Blog about running in and around Coventry
Blog from Cov mum-of-three and businesswoman Amanda Farren
City schoolboy who blogs about life as a teenager
Ali GB, an animal-loving 40-something, blogs about her life
Car fan & Made In Coventry Motoring Association founder
Do you blog about life in Coventry? If you would like to be listed here and regularly update a clean (ish) blog email details.

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