Coventry's Old Cathedral ruins
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Much of its history may have been obliterated during the blitz.

But the shell that remains is still one of Rob’s favourite historic sights.

The cathedral, formerly the parish church of St Michael, was built in the 14th century with more chapels added in the 1500s.

Before being granted Cathedral status in 1918 St Michael’s was England’s largest parish church.

Its spire was 295ft and it had a floor area of 24,000ft.

Coventry historian Rob Orland said: “I think it’s a Coventry icon.

“Anyone who comes to Coventry thinks of the Old Cathedral.

“At first I thought it was too corny to put in the top ten but every time I go I notice something I haven’t seen before.

“I’m not religious but there’s something spiritual about the place. There’s a tranquillity.”

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