St Mary's Priory ruins in Coventry
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Across the globe Coventry is associated with Lady Godiva.

And if you want to stand a chance of walking in her footsteps then St Mary’s Priory ruins is a good bet.

Records show that in 1016 an invading Danish army destroyed a nunnery in these grounds.

About 30 years later Earl Leofric and Lady Godiva took charge of a Benedictine Monastery on the same site and dedicated it to St Mary for an abbot and 24 monks.

By the early 12th Century a cathedral and priory had been incorporated into the building.

These buildings were demolished in the mid 16th Century as part of Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.

Coventry historian Rob Orland (pictured) said: “Somewhere beneath here Lady Godiva’s old man Earl Leofric is buried.

“Some people have said that Godiva was buried here too but records show that she was probably buried in Evesham.

“This was the heart of Coventry, a place that was very rich.”

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