St John's Church, Old Bablake School & Ford's Hospital
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St John’s Church is less than a minute's walk from Old Bablake School and Bond’s Hospital in Hill Street.

The building was founded in May 1344 although it has undergone a number of renovations over the centuries.

Coventry historian Rob Orland said the church possibly had links with the phrase ‘sent to Coventry’.

He said: “The church itself achieved a bit of notoriety by being used as a prison for captured Scottish Royalist soldiers during the 1640's Civil War.

“And although probably not the true origin, the place is now intrinsically tied in with the phrase "sent to Coventry", which probably really originated from the townspeople shunning the rabble of troops billeted here at that time.”

Nearby the old Bablake School has an equally interesting story to tell.

Rob said: “ Former mayor and benefactor, Thomas Wheatley, had ordered a shipment of steel ingots from Spain.

"But after silver ones arrived and he'd failed to find anyone to claim ownership he was left with the wealth.

" He used the money to endow the school - now one of the two largest in the city, along with King Henry VIII.”

Beside Old Bablake School lies the old Bond’s Hospital which was founded by wealthy Draper and former Coventry Mayor, Thomas Bond, in 1506.

Rob said: “ It takes you briefly away from the hustle and bustle of everyday modern life.”

To visit the St John's Church website click here.

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