Flames Cafe Bar

Contact: 7a The Bullyard, Coventry, CV1 1LH
Tel: 024 7655 9555

Best bit: Getting more than you ask for - tea comes with a cookie and sandwiches with a bag of crisps
Worst bit: It can be a bit cramped inside with some stools fixed far too close to tables

Decked out like a fifties diner, the décor could either work for or against Flames.
For regulars – and there seem to be quite a few – it’s a trademark café with its own unique style.
For first-timers, it’s a funny-looking corner café that looks like it’s survived the last five decades intact but is ready to fall of its perch.
All this is just a distraction from what is probably one of Coventry’s best cafes – THE best according to 2007’s Godiva awards.
Breakfasts are good. For £2.69 you’ll get decent bacon, egg, fried bread and a tomato.
It’s bustling at lunchtime with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff behind the counter.
The menu offers a standard selection of sandwich fillings and lunchtime dishes, but all are made fresh to order and don’t taste like the ingredients have been scrimped on.
With your sandwich you’ll get a complimentary packet of crisps. It’s no free Ferrari, but it’s a nice touch and a sign of good service that’s all-too-rare elsewhere.
And anything that leaves you feeling warm and pleased with a purchase has to be a good thing.

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