Flood's Spuds

Contact: Bull Yard, Coventry

Best bit: Buttery potato warming your tummy
Worst bit: Polystyrene trays (wouldn’t cardboard do?)

Next time you’re feeling a bit low on a cold and drizzly morning, or sitting at your desk in need of a lunchtime pick-me-up, there’s one thing that’s sure to put the swing back in your step.
Don’t panic. It’s not illegal. It’s the humble potato.
Coventry’s street food has a long way to go before it rivals Copenhagen’s, but one thing we’ve got absolutely perfect is the art of the jacket spud.
And the tatties at Flood’s Spuds, based in the Bull Yard, are some of the yummiest and scrummiest of all.
Somehow these guys always get the potato skin gorgeously golden brown, and inside, the spuds are light and fluffy and perfectly baked.
They serve up a sumptuous chilli-con-carne that warms the cockles, and a dollop of sour cream on top will right whatever wrongs have been getting you down.

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