Pass the coffee ... it tastes great

by Ben Glass
December 10

A RARE coffee made from animal poo is proving a hit in Coventry.

Since Alma's coffee shop started stocking Kopi Luak drinkers have gulped down more than 700 cups.

More astonishing than the fact the beans have come from a weasel-like creature's bottom is its price tag - £6.95 a serving.

Shop manager Alex Ignatowicz, 38, said: "Not one person who has tried it has not liked it.

"It's for a special occasion – like someone would buy a £50 bottle of whisky.

"Or someone might have it as a treat once a week.

"It's reputed to be the most expensive coffee in the world, although we don't charge close to what they charge in London.

"I've heard that there they charge up to £25 a cup."

Mr Ignatowicz, who has run Alma's in Corporation Street for the past 11 years, is a big fan of the brew.

He said: "It's typical of an Indonesian coffee – quite spicy – and people will laugh at this – earthy.

"When I first got it in I thought it would be nothing special.

"You know, a lot of gourmet items don't meet up to expectations – but this does."

"I've been stocking it for about four years. We probably sell between 12 and 15 cups a month."

One cup costs £6.95 and the beans are £13.95 for 100g.

Kopi Luak is made from the droppings of the Asian palm civet in Indonesia.

This animal eats raw red coffee berries and the beans pass through its system intact.

The droppings are then harvested and washed before being roasted and sold.
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