Queen revives royal vegetable garden with Coventry seeds
Video courtesy of The Royal Channel

June 16, 2009

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GARDENERS from Coventry have helped revive an allotment at Buckingham Palace.

For the first time since the Second World War vegetables are being grown in the Queen’s gardens.

And the seeds have come from Garden Organic’s Heritage Seed Library in Ryton.

Charity chief executive Myles Bremner said: "It's great that six vegetables from our collection will be grown by the Queen, but there are still another 794 that need saving too, not to mention the new accessions that come to us each year.

"Our Heritage Seed Library is a living collection of seeds, collected by gardeners over the last 30 years, which without our work to conserve them would be lost from the UK forever.

"Because legislation prevents us from selling these varieties, we need the support we receive from people like the Queen, like our members and like our seed guardians to have a better chance of protecting our rich, interesting and diverse plant heritage."

Fittingly the seeds supplied have a royal theme.

Her Majesty will eventually be tucking into Blue Queen and Royal Red French beans, Golden Queen, Queen of Hearts and White Queen tomatoes as well as Northern Queen Lettuces.

The last time vegetables were grown in the palace grounds was during the Dig for Victory Campaign.

This project was aimed at encouraging people across the country to grow their own vegetables as the Germans were disrupting supply routes.

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