Coventry Ring Road Crash Rise

By Ben Glass
November 18, 2008
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CRASHES on Coventry Ring Road could be on the rise, new figures show.

Between 2003 and 2007 there was a steady decline in the number of crashes involving injuries on the infamous road.

But the first seven months of 2008 has seen 12 collisions – more than in the entire year of 2007.

And both police and Coventry City Council officers are baffled by the statistics revealed following a freedom of information request..

PC Adam Irwin, West Midlands Police traffic cop, said: ‘My initial reaction to the figures was one of surprise.

PC Adam Irwin at Coventry Ring Road

“Obviously the figures only indicate injury collisions and in my experience we can attend some spectacular crashes where vehicles are written off, but the occupants come out of the vehicle with no injuries whatsoever.

“As far as a reason behind the fall in collisions, I'm not too sure. There has been no specific road layout re-design that I can attribute to it.

“I can only assume that it’s the great job that West Midlands Police and the Coventry Council Road Safety Team do in improving road safety.”

Coventry City Council declined to be interviewed over the figures.

But a statement from the authority read: “We do a lot of work educating drivers. Though it is hard to pinpoint any particular initiative, we did introduce vehicle messaging signs at the approaches to the ring road last year that help drivers to make earlier decisions once they are on the ring road.”

The number of injury crashes reported to police on Coventry Ring Road. Figures run January 1 to January 1 except 2008 which runs to July 31.

PC Irwin said the ring road design would always be tricky for drivers.

He said: “A lot is going on quite quickly.

“It’s not a straight stretch of road with junctions off it.

“It’s a dual carriageway. There are a lot of roundabouts. There are a lot of slip roads.

“There’s a lot of different bends and curves in the road. So there’s a lot going on.”

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