Ghosthunters investigate Coventry

Ghosts are said to have been seen at St Mary's Guildhall

January 13, 2009

SPOOKY goings on will be investigated at a historic Coventry building on Saturday.

A team of ghosthunters are preparing to spend the night in and around St Mary’s Guildhall in Bayley Lane.

Paranormal Tours has organised a visit in which 24 members of the public join mediums and experienced paranormal investigators.

Organiser Andrew Marsey believes the guildhall will be perfect for ghost hunting.

He said: “We do lots of research on different places up and down the country and look at a range of different places.

“We’ve seen a photograph of what appears to be a knight sitting at a banquet and there have been other reports too.

“People have reported there being a monk in the under croft and people have also said they have felt a strange strangling sensation.

“In the Draper’s Room people have felt very sad and had a feeling they are being watched.”

Mr Marsey said the tour – which cost £89 a head - had aroused a lot of interest in Coventry.

He said: “We sold out within three weeks of the tickets going on sale.

“It probably shows that Coventry people are very inquisitive.

“There used to be a real taboo about paranormal investigations but people are a lot more open minded about it now.”

During Friday’s event the ghosthunters will be using a variety of equipment to investigate including thermometers, motion detectors, and devices to record electronic voice phenomena.

Mr Marsey added: “If the investigation shows activity we will look at doing another date in the future.”
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