Coventry is UK sunbed capital

May 14, 2009

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A SUNBED ‘tandemic’ has hit Coventry.

A new survey shows the average city sunbed user is catching fake rays 84 times a year – nearly twice a week.

This makes Coventry the UK's sunbed capital.

Leeds is second with the average sunlover visiting the salon 68 times a year, Edinburgh is third at 66 times a year and Gloucester is fourth at 63.

Rachel Haywood, of skin care charity RAFT, said: "The rise in skin cancer in recent decades has been nothing short of dramatic.

"Our culture of sun worship together with the advent of cheap flights abroad have left us all more exposed to the dangers of the sun than previous generations.

"But what is a problem for some of us now, may soon be widespread amongst our children if action is not taken to turn back this trend."

The latest research – which surveyed more than 2,000 people - was commissioned by self tan company Fake Bake.

Firm boss Sandra McClumpha: "Responsible action has to be taken now as in the UK alone, melanoma has quadrupled since 1975.

"There are more than 67,000 new cases of skin cancer every year and the figures are rising faster than for any other form of cancer."

Top ten sunbed use (average visits per year):1, Coventry (84); 2, Leeds (68); 3, Edinburgh (66); 4, Gloucester (63); 5, Wolverhampton (52); 6, Sheffield (49); 7, Norwich (47); 8, Cardiff (46); 9, Manchester (43); 10, Portsmouth (42).

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