University TV celebrates 1m hits

University creative multimedia manager Pete Woodbridge

June 8, 2009

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COVENTRY University’s YouTube channel is a hit.

Since its launch 18 months ago videos featured on CUTV have been watched more than a million times.

They range from lectures to fashion shows to tutorials to student films.

University creative multimedia manager Pete Woodbridge said: “It's truly amazing.

“The success of CUTV has surpassed our expectations. When you launch something like this, it is not certain how it is going to be received but judging by the feedback we've had and the number of visits to the station, we are not only a local, but a global phenomenon.

"CUTV is so successful because it is produced with the help and support of our devoted students at Coventry University who go on to produce other pieces of work which create a following amongst the wider student population.

“The channel itself has put up videos that have been watched well over half a million times and then students have put up other videos which we’ve put in our favourites.

“Some of those have been watched thousands of times.”

To view the channel click here.

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