Coventry market the best in Britain?

You'd be bananas not to vote for Coventry, says market manager Brian Sexton

January 2, 2008

TRADERS are calling on shoppers to help make Coventry Market the best in Britain.

There are less than three weeks left until voting closes in the Britain’s Favourite Market competition.

Run by the National Association of British Market Authority the competition is judged entirely by shoppers’ votes.

Brian Sexton, manager of Coventry Market, reckons the competition is a unique chance to show off the city.

He said: “It’s a large market. We’ve got 186 stalls. It’s one of the biggest in Europe and it’s got a unique circular design.

“Some traders have been here for several generations - it’s very established, it’s a family environment.

“It’s not full of dodgy stuff and the prices are tremendous.

“Stalls are selling some goods at half the price of the three major supermarkets which is a big reason to come in here.

“One of the great things about it is the internal competition. You’ve got about 20 stalls selling the same products so there’s high competition – which has got to be great for the consumer.

“It’s also an incredibly green market. Stallholders are going out to local suppliers – you’re not buying food that’s been transported half way around the world. It’s coming in still with local soil on it.

“We’ve got 86,000 shoppers coming through our doors each week. And these aren’t window shoppers, they’ve come here to buy.’

Mr Sexton said he believed the economic downturn would benefit the market.

He said: “I think, with the credit crunch, we’re going to have even more customers as people shop around and realise what good quality goods we have at such good prices.”

Mr Sexton said Coventry Market had won the National Association of British Market Authority’s Market of the Year last year – a competition judged by experts.

But he added to win Britain’s Best market would be equally special because it was based on shoppers' votes.

To vote for Coventry Market click on the apple image before January 20.

The winner will be announced on January 29.

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