The Gatehouse Tavern

Contact: 46 Hill Street
Tel: 024 7625 6769
Pub food: from 11am - 2pm, From 6pm to 9pm
Real ale: Four on at any one time
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Best bit: Feeling like you’re drinking in an Irish community centre Worst bit: Feeling like you’re drinking in an Irish community centre

Does it seep through the brickwork?
Is it brought in by the punters?
Is it owned by the same people?
We don’t know what gives the Gatehouse its Irish feel but sitting next to the Irish Club must have something to do with it.
This is one of the only places in Coventry where on a Friday night you can be standing next to a businessman who’s come straight from work in his suit, heckled by a group of old men at the end of the bar and suddenly swarmed by students dressed in saucy hockey kits. It’s certainly eclectic.
There’s always at least one guest ale and service is snappy even when the bar’s two-deep.
It’s probably got one of the biggest beer gardens in the city centre which, thankfully, doesn’t feel as close to the ring road as it actually is.
At lunchtime and early evening nicely priced food is served from a simple menu.

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