Contact: New Union Street, Coventry
Tel: 024 7655 3355
Live music: Sundays
Quiz night: Third Wednesday of every month
Pub food: 12 noon and 9pm everyday

Best bit: Summer evenings chilling out, toe-tapping, drinking weird and wonderful beers
Worst bit: Fretting over the carbon emissions of the energy-sapping patio heaters

It sure is dinky.
But this little bar packs a whole lotta punch.
Sick of ordering yet another pint of lager? Desperate for something different?
How about thirty different beers, some of which you can’t pronounce, some of which you’ll drink from a round-bottomed glass that comes with its own wooden holder?
Inspire has a range of Belgian beers that will keep any hop-lover happy.
The selection might not warrant its own menu like other specialist bars in bigger cities, but this little venue holds its own.
Nestled beneath the spire of a former church next to the Central Methodist Hall, there are usually more punters than the interior can comfortably fit so drinkers spill on to the square in front.
It’s an eclectic, hedonistic and very chilled-out crowd, leaving you wondering whether the bouncers watching over this half-inside half-outside operation have ever actually seen any action.
The DJ usually offers a mix of hip-hop (happy-go-lucky Grand Central hip-hop rather than gangsta rap), soul and funk.

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