The Old Windmill

Contact: 22 Spon Street, Coventry
Tel: 024 7625 2183
Quiz night: Sundays
Pub food: 12noon to 2.30pm Friday , Saturday and Sunday
Real ale: Seven on at any one time

Best bit: Knowing you can always get a good beer and a seat
Worst bit: Getting lost amongst the nooks and crannies even though you’ve been in there a million times

Not every city has a 500-year-old pub where you can still have a knees-up.
The Old Windmill, dating from 1473, is a treasure of a boozer filled with little hidden rooms where you can have an unofficial private party. It has weird bits of furniture and décor - benches that wouldn’t look out of place on the back of a Medieval horse and cart and giant vats that some mystical ale must have once been brewed in.
There are various ancient watering holes around the UK that all claim to be older than the next, but the majority of these gorgeous old boozers are now either chain pubs (so, strangely bland) or gastropubs (so, horribly posh).
But The Old Windmill bats it straight.
It’s an everyman pub with a jolly atmosphere, attracting real ale aficionados, after-dinner parties, Goths, indie kids and scoundrels who’ve come straight from work on a Friday night and won’t be leaving until the smell of kebabs from across the road becomes too tempting.
It’s a kind of one-stop shop that’s quiet enough for an early evening catch up with mates and lively enough that you don’t have to move on later in the night.

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