The Greyhound Inn review

Contact: Sutton Stop, Longford, Coventry
Tel: 024 7636 3046
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Best bit: Great cosy pub with fine food and good ales
Worst bit: Gravy could have been a bit thicker

‘This better be good,’ I panted as we arrived at The Greyhound Inn.

We had walked all the way from Coventry Canal Basin to the Longford pub, after my girlfriend suggested it would be a ‘relaxing half-hour stroll’.

It had ended up being an hour-and-a-half power walk and, worried we’d miss our table, we had adopted the ridiculous waddle of speed walkers.

I was feeling ratty.

But The Greyhound, a long white waterside building, stood like a beer-filled beacon of light at the end of the tunnel.

Half the pub is a cosy family restaurant - enormous plates piled high with roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. The other side is devoted to the bar, with an open fire and comforting smells, similar to incense in old churches.

There aren’t many restaurants where you can arrive more than an hour late and still get a warm welcome.

I ordered a roast (£7.95) after spotting a round-bellied child struggling to conquer an enormous Yorkshire pudding.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

The succulent beef arrived with crisp roast potatoes, creamy mash, an impressively light Yorkshire pud and a generous portion of crunchy vegetables. The gravy was better than average, rich and tasty, but could have been a little thicker.

My girlfriend went for the monkfish (£9.95).

It was a generous portion of chunky buttery fish, surprisingly matched with butternut squash and a spicy salsa - and it worked well.

Her sister had a T-Bone steak and chips (£14.95) which was juicy and served rare, as requested, but the chips could have been a little more crispy.

All this was washed down with a couple of pints of the refreshing guest ale Springheel Jack and a smoky porter, Darkness.

We polished it off with chocolate bread and butter pudding and custard (£4) – a sweet and stodgy treat – before beginning the return journey (at a slower, happier pace).

The Greyhound is well worth a visit – they serve great food and great ales in a cosy atmosphere.

Ben Glass, April 13, 2009

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