Ristorante Calabria

Contact: 24 Bayley Lane,
Tel: 024 7663 1976
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February 17, 2010

Ristorante Calabria boasts one of the best locations in Coventry, overlooking the old cathedral sitting opposite the fabulous Golden Cross pub.

What’s better, the food isn’t bad – not bad at all.

My dining partner ordered the lamb, which was tender, succulent and fresh.

I went for the pizza, ordering the Quattro Formaggi. But was served a Fiorentina – the one with an egg on top.

The waitress told me the order had got mixed up because the chef’s English wasn’t very good, which was odd considering the pizzas have Italian names.

But the Fiorentina looked so good I tucked in quite happily, and wasn't disappointed. The base was wonderfully thin and the topping cooked to perfection.

I hadn’t had such a good pizza since I spent an entire week gobbling the stuff in Sardinia last summer.

The house wines were surprisingly good - the red smooth and fruity and the white refreshing.

A second strange interaction came with another waitress who asked us if everything was all right.

We said it was great, apart from the chips, which came with the lamb. They were flavourless and a bit soggy.

She said: “Well it is an Italian restaurant”.

If they don't think chips are suitable on the menu they should probably take them off. I don't think they'd be missed.

We skipped desserts and the entire meal came to just over £30.

Nice price, good grub, slightly strange service but overall a good dining experience that I'd recommend to a friend.

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