Turmeric Gold

Contact: 166 Spon Street, Coventry, CV1 3BB
Tel: 024 7622 6603
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Best bit: Great surroundings
Worst bit: Using far too much chilli and small rice portions

It’s partly my own fault.
I should have read the menu. Instead I said to the waiter, "If you really wanted to impress a customer with a dish for under £10 what would you serve?"
Unfortunately it was the Rawlpindi (£8.95). The one the menu describes as ‘a dish of red chillies … delightfully madras hot’.
Strangely the waiter made this recommendation despite me telling him I liked medium hot curries.
The chicken itself was well cooked – tender and succulent.
The sauce, however, was not. I could taste a slight sweetness from the vinegar but this was soon lost to the mono dimensional flavour of chilli.
Now I like things a little bit hot but too hot is moronic. I tasted little else other than chilli - a bit worrying considering I'd asked for the most impressive curry they had to offer.
I found myself frequently reaching for mouthfuls of rather small portions of boiled rice to cool my mouth.
Turmeric Gold has to be one of the most beautiful restaurants in Coventry – inside and out. In the summer hanging flower baskets spill a kaleidoscope of colour over a sky blue premise front.
And the interior is even prettier. Exposed old wooden beams and beautiful throws and décor give an otherworldly appearance.
It has a wonderful atmosphere for friends and couples.
The service is good too. Waiters are very attentive and glasses are never left empty.
Just make sure you tell the staff you want to taste something other than chilli.
Ben Glass, September 20, 2008

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