Down to Earth Organic

96 Earlsdon Street, Earlsdon
Tel: 024 7667 7500
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Eco-geeks rejoice!
Down to Earth stocks almost everything vegetarians, vegans or the environmentally conscious might need.
The shop even sells ‘vegan cheese’ although it’s questionable whether something failing to contain milk should be labeled ‘cheese’.
There is a wonderful array of organic vegetables, frozen meats and fair trade goods on sale.
This quirky little store will deliver boxes of seasonal locally produced organic fruit and veg to your door if you can’t make a visit. Boxes cost £10, £12 and £15.
If you’re an Ecover user (the washing up liquid that kills fewer fishies than your average superconcentrated brand) then you’re in luck. You can take your empty bottle along and they’ll refill it for you – saving money and the world (well a little bit of the world anyway).
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