Five free attractions

Everyone loves freebies.
Here's our guide to the best of Coventry's.
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#1 Coventry Transport Museum

Feeling racy?
Then this is the place to start.
This museum charts the city’s illustrious growth from bicycle town to the Detroit of Europe.
Hundreds of impressively maintained motorcars, bicycles and motorbikes represent famous and forgotten names - the cars and the people - and intriguing glimpses of what might have been.
Walk the atmospheric alleys and small workshops where it all started: and then appreciate the terror as Hitler wreaked havoc in the Blitz.
In the Thrust simulator you accompany RAF fighter pilot Andy Green as he struggled to keep two 25-ton-thrust jet engines on course to smash the land speed record.
And it's all free.
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#2 The blitzed St Michael’s Cathedral
So devastating was the Blitz on November 14, 1940 that the Nazis coined the word ‘Coventrate’ to describe the complete destruction of a city.
This shell of a building is testament to just how much of a pounding Coventry received.
Looking closely you’ll see shards of stained glass still fixed in some window frames.
Even if you’re not religious this is a fascinating building, as is its replacement built alongside.
And the squirrels in the gardens are some of the most fearless in Britain – they will allow you to get within inches of them.
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#3 Herbert Art Gallery
There are usually three exhibitions to choose from.
The museum opened its doors for the first time in 1960.
It is named after Sir Alfred Herbert - a Coventry industrialist who paid £200,000 to construct the building.
Found opposite the cathedral the gallery has recently undergone a £20m refurbishment and also has a café for that coffee you can afford.
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#4 St Mary’s Guildhall, Bayley Lane
Steeped in history.
From here Henry VI organised resistance to his cousin’s attempt to take over his kingdom in the Wars of the Roses.
Later, Mary Queen of Scots, who claimed the English throne, is said to have been imprisoned here, as a safeguard that she might form the focus of a French invasion.
In one of the rooms there is table on which a poaching arrest warrant for William Shakespeare is said to have been signed.

#5 Coventry Market
Looking doesn't cost!.
Coventry Market is well worth a perusal. There are more than a 100 fascinating stalls, from fishmonger to florist, vinyl records to Victorian antiques.
Exotic vegetables, ethnic rugs and Caribbean spices can all be found under one circular roof.
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