Beggar's Opera at The Belgrade

September 25, 2009

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A NEW interpretation of the classic musical satire The Beggar’s Opera will launch The Belgrade’s autumn winter season.

John Gay’s 18th Century play has been transported to a future that is dark, seedy, absurd and cruel.

The show includes new live music from Alasdair Macrae and Glasgow group A Band Called Quinn, who appear onstage throughout.

Created by the award-winning Scottish theatre company, Vanishing Point, the show is based on John Gay’s original story but was recreated during rehearsals.

Like any good story the show delves into a world of muggers, smugglers, prostitutes and thieves.

It charts the exploits of MacHeath – bandit, hedonist, superhero to some - villain to others.

MacHeath has married Polly Peachum. But he fancies Lucy Lockit. Lucy Lockit fancies MacHeath, but Polly doesn’t want to share.

Mr. Peachum wants MacHeath’s head, so does Mr. Lockit – and so does the law.

The show is a co-production between The Belgrade, the Royal Lyceum Edinburgh and Vanishing Point.

Director Matthew Lenton, said: “Our starting point for working on The Beggar’s Opera was to try and re-imagine it rather than interpret it; to focus on the story rather than the text and to use the structure of that story as a root from which a new tree could grow; to create a new world for the story to exist in.”

The show contains strong language and adult themes

A Beggar’s Opera runs from October 9 to October 24.

Tickets are available from the box office on 024 7655 3055 or via The Belgrade priced between £6 and £16.

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