Lenny Henry in Othello at Belgrade
Lenny Henry as Othello at The Belgrade

COMIC Lenny Henry is set to take on Shakespeare at The Belgrade.

The production will see Henry play the weighty role of Othello.

And he has already received some good reviews in the national press.

Charles Spencer in The Telegraph says: “Frankly, I was expecting to review a theatrical car crash.

“What a pleasure then to report that Henry truly triumphed last night.

“This is one of the most astonishing debuts in Shakespeare I have ever seen. It is impossible to praise too highly Henry's courage in taking on so demanding and exposed a role, and then performing it with such authority and feeling.”

Michael Billington in The Guardian writes: “Henry's voice may not always measure up to the rhetorical music of the verse, but there is a simple dignity to his performance that touches one: not least in his final confession when he sits on the corpse-laden bed lamenting his fate before wrenching a hidden dagger from its wooden post.”

And Benedict Nightingale in The Times says: “I’ve seen Othellos that have more variety, delve deeper, fall in an epileptic-style fit more plausibly, and add much more texture to such key lines as (to Iago) “I am bound to thee forever”.

“But this decidedly isn’t opportunistic casting ...”

The Northern Broadsides and The West Yorkshire Playhouse production runs from April 7 to April 11.

Tickets cost between £9.30 and £18.11. To book click here.

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