Climate change protest in city

March 19, 2009

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SHOPPERS looked on in bemusement as 1,200 climate change protesters helped carry coffins through Coventry.

The unusual protest – which took the theme of a New Orleans funeral – is believed to be one of the largest demonstrations the city has seen in recent years.

It was organised by Christian Aid, CAFOD and the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.

Following a jazz band, protesters shouldered coffins and wreaths signalling a message that climate change is a matter of life and death.

After marching through the city they took a coach to Westwood Business Park, Canley, to lobby energy giant E.ON, who are planning a new coal-fuelled power station.

NASA climate scientist James Hansen joined the parade.

He said: “The climate change we’re beginning to experience and which our children and grandchildren will experience in spades is primarily due to carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels and especially coal.

“That’s the source which we have to cut off if we want to stabilise the climate for our children and grandchildren.”

Dr Hansen said there was no doubt man-made carbon emissions are changing the environment.

He added: “The science has become very clear, especially from the history of the earth.

“Just the observations of what is happening all around the world now. The things that are happening are unprecedented on the timescale of the last several centuries.

“The loss of sea ice in the Arctic, the rapid recession of glaciers around the world. It’s clear.”
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