A video of the Lady Godiva Sisters' Procession in Coventry

September 14, 2009

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PRIORY Gardens bathed in sunlight as Coventry celebrated Lady Godiva Daye.

Hundreds turned out for an event which saw modern-day Lady Godiva Pru Porretta lead tributes to the city’s cultural diversity.

The day also launched Coventry’s Heritage Open Days and marked the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

During the Godiva Sisters’ Procession Mrs Porretta was joined by 15 ‘sisters’ – each representing a different cultural community living in Community.

She said: “It was a beautiful day.

“The sun shone. The people came. We shared. We celebrated. We talked to people.

“Maybe some people didn’t know others and they made friends and that’s what it’s all about.”

To find out how Mrs Porretta feels about being Lady Godiva watch a video here.

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