How to use Coventry Ring Road

PC Adam Irwin's top ring road tips:

Look out – Looking far ahead at what is unfolding in front means you can alter course and speed well in advance of danger.

He's behind you – Use your mirrors before changing speed or direction. When changing lanes, look over your shoulder and check your blind spot.

Indicate – When joining and exiting the ring road you must indicate so other road users know where you want to go.

Mind the gap – Always keep a good gap between you and the vehicle in front, even when queuing. When joining and exiting increase this gap so you don’t come into conflict with other traffic trying to pass in front of you.

Keep right – The ring road has gantry signing telling you what lane you should be in. Unless you're exiting at the next slip road, you must keep right. This allows other traffic to join the ring road with more ease and gets you well away from this particular hazard.

Slow down – The maximum speed limit is 40 mph but this should not be thought of as a target. Reducing your speed increases your ability to react to danger. Some of the exit slip roads consist of sharp bends. Make sure you brake in good time on the straight before the bend.

If you are being tailgated - Reduce your speed so you increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front. So if you had to break you’ve increased the gap more so you’ve got a little bit more of a safety margin in front of you.

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